NLS Cakewalk Mastering Template

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This template will make quick work of all the master processing needs, and is set up with efficiency and speed in mind.  Quickly drag and drop reference tracks, different mix versions, and even audition entirely different mastering chains into FX bins or pro-channel strip presets!  Using Cakewalk’s group automation features, and quick group-selection, it’s never been easier to A/B any audio source or path to hear what you want to hear!

*Requires Cakewalk By Bandlab, 2020-May release or later.

Minimum Price: $0.00

This project template is designed to make quick work of mastering stage processing for single songs. With a bit of forethought, it can easily be adapted to work on entire albums, adjusting the signal flow through new tracks and/or aux returns (the chains) as needed.

Navigating the project template:
Reference tracks should be dropped into the red color-coded channels at the top. Reference tracks route to the Preview bus, which pipes directly to your hardware output 1-2, bypassing the master bus, to quickly see and correlate which audio source you're listening to.

If you have issues with busses or tracks not outputting audio, it may be due to incompatible routing options with your particular hardware interface. Set both the master and preview bus to route directly to your hardware output for your main speakers. Do not route the preview bus to your master bus.

Mix channels are set up to receive the various versions of the unmastered mixes. Quickly A/B between any two versions of the mix by using the quick-group select hotkeys. Highlight both tracks and hold down ctrl+left click on either track's mute button to toggle both.

Mastering chains all share the same output (a single patch point). For multi-song mastering, you may want to implement new patch points for new chains specifically to address the unique needs of each individual track. This would be preferred, rather than picking plugins to put directly in the mix track's F.X. bin, as you will create more work for yourself when you need to import new mixes.

All master chains currently route to (and should route to) the Master bus. Use this bus F.X. bin to implement your favorite analytic tools like Span Plus, Youlean Loudness Meter, or similar visual aid tools for inspecting your signal.  Do the same for the preview bus. You can quickly glean information to compare against your reference tracks and master output to dial in as necessary - and correlate what you hear with what you see in the signal.

Check out some more advanced tips and tricks in my video walkthrough (coming soon).


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