Frequently Asked Questions

Before reaching out with a specific question, check here.  I get asked these questions a lot, and you may find the answer even more quickly than waiting for a reply!

General Questions

How do I prepare my mixes for mastering?

The best files to send to mastering are .WAV files.
-Turn off any master or mixbus plugins, and ensure that the loudest part of the song does not peak above -6dB.
+If you have plugins on your master or mixbus, I would love to hear what you’re hearing as well!  You can absolutely bounce a WAVE of this and title it “reference”.

-When exporting your mix, keep your sample rate the same as your working project rate (44.1k, 48k, 96k, etc.), and at least 24-bit depth (32-bit is preferred).

Why do you offer free mix critiques & mastering samples?

I’m not here to hold your music hostage!  I know in today’s competitive music marketplace, it’s all about making sure the music sounds as best it can, and mix critiques and mastering samples make it much easier to get a sense of what we’re capable of, and whether we make a good team!

Do you charge extra for mastering revisions?

In the improbable event that you feel your masters don’t sound amazing, I will make free mastering revisions until you’re happy with my work. The only catch is that you must request changes within 30 days of master delivery. If you’re ever unsatisfied with my work, please let me know, and I’ll bend over backward to make it right.

My goal is to keep your business for life, and I pride myself on having the best customer service in the mastering industry.  If you have revision requests after the 30-day window for free revisions, I charge a flat rate of $10 per mastering revision.

Why don't you advertise your rates?

Every project is different, and every client’s needs are different.  The world of online crosses many geographical, and economic boundaries that can make it difficult to have commoditized rates.  Creative services are often hard to have industry-standard rates, in general – as it is always the personal touch that is unique to the professional’s sensibilities simply cannot be recreated or duplicated easily by others.

While we do have separate rates for independents and labels, we look deeper at the individual story behind each project, artist, and brand, and take everything into consideration.

Can you embed ISRC, artwork, UPC, and more?

Yes, but for most projects I receive from self-releasing artists, this isn’t necessary.  All digital service providers – such as Distrokid, CDBaby, etc. require you to manually enter this information for each release anyway because they don’t read embedded meta-data.

If your project needs custom solutions for delivery which require embedding meta-data, let me know as early as possible, and I will happily make accomodations where it is needed.

For single releases, expect a flat processing fee of $5.  EP’s, full-length albums, and compilations may see a discounted rate not much more than $10, depending on the final track-count.

I want to have a CD made, how can I work with you?

I can directly handle your duplication order through Discmakers, but if you prefer to use your own service or account, I can supply your masters in DPP/DDP formats accepted by the manufacturing industry. 

Additional fees may apply as proper meta-data, ISRC codes, and other things need to be sorted out before the order can be submitted.  Let me know if you plan on having a duplication run as early as possible so we can work together on a solution that fits your project and budget.

What if I want to change my mix?

As long as your project is within the 30-day window, as mentioned in the revision requests section,  It will get treated as a revision request. 

While this does require a bit more time on my end to listen for changes made to the mix that affect what is done in mastering, my goal is to make the song sound the absolute best, and make you (and your fans) happy! 

However, if it is outside the 30 days, this would be considered re-master.  On the rare occasion that this is needed, you will need to book a new mastering session with me, but I will happily apply a 50% discount off of the price you paid for the initial project.  From here onward, I will treat it as a new mastering project, and the regular rules for revision requests apply.

Can you train me how to master my own mixes?

Absolutely!  Part of the mix critique process is to help you optimize your mix for the best mastering outcome based on your goals.  However, If you would prefer to go the training route, I do offer remote training and coaching sessions – which can absolutely be used to train you how to master your own music!

About Our Services

Remote 1-on-1 Training

Remote training is facilitated via Zoom, Teamviewer, or Discord, and available in 30 minute blocks.  We can train on anything production related, from simple editing and fundamentals of various processing (EQ, compression, etc) to advanced workflows, mixing, and mastering.

Coaching & Consulting

Coaching and consulting is facilitated via phone conference, zoom, or in-person meetings (where applicable).  Coaching sessions are available in 60 minute blocks, and focus more on philosophical discussion, actionable strategies in areas of music business development, personal growth, mindset.
Anything that falls outside of the boundary of a standard coaching session is deemed a custom consultation and can be quoted estimates on inquiry.

Motion Video Services

Our motion video services focus on new-media content for marketing and advertising in the internet age.  High quality motion video content can be tailor made to your brand’s identity and yield immersive impact for outlets like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and beyond in the form of stories advertisements, commercials, all the way to custom music visualizers, lyric videos, and full-music videos.  All projects are on a project-quote basis.

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