Online Mastering

Get your songs commercially mastered and ready for the world to hear.  My mastering processes will ensure your music sounds its best whether you’re self-publishing through services like Distrokid, CD-Baby & Discmakers, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud; or working with labels which need more specific deliverables such as DPP masters, and multiple formats of audio files.

Remote 1-on-1 Training

Need help troubleshooting your DAW, your mix, or your recording project?  I offer remote training to help you with DAW’s like Cakewalk, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live!  I can even provide mixing & sound design training, all through the power of the internet.

Contact me directly and we can arrange a remote training session.

Coaching & Consulting

Struggling to get your career off the ground?  Not sure what comes next for your dream career?  Finding a mentor can not only help align your compass and guide you, but also accelerate your growth so that you can achieve your dreams faster, smarter, and live a more balanced life.

Motion Video (Coming Soon)

I am currently offering soft-trials of this service to internal clients only. Reach out for a project estimate. 

Music production in the modern world

The industry is no longer an exclusive, closed-doors industry.  It’s never been a better time to be a creative!  Technology has improved, become more affordable, intuitive and easy to learn; enabling everyone the ability to make their ideas a reality.

With so much choice, however, comes confusion.  There’s more to learn than ever before.  With all of the control coming back into the hands of the artist, it can be extremely stressful to wear the business hat and the creative hat. 

Mastering is only one link in the chain. Finding experienced mentors to help you gain a clear vision, and even navigate the music business world is no easy task. 

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Let’s Work Together

Do you have a project that falls outside our online services?  Reach out with a brief description of your project, and let’s do work!

Reach out for a custom quote.