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Cameron Bashaw

Cameron Bashaw

Owner | Founder

How it all started

Born in the Bay Area and raised in the valley of California, Cameron has built Neologic Studios from the ground up over the past decade and a half. After graduating from Delta College with a degree in Graphic Design, he pursued a second degree in Recording Arts from Los Medanos College. Thanks to the college, the Grammy-U program, and Audio Engineering Society, he has developed many unique connections and a wide network to tap into.

Cameron has volunteered his time and energy into the local community, working with local businesses such as Legend Music on their annual Battle of the Bands, local church groups providing audio and video services such as Awakening 209 with their “Loving Our City” event program and non-profit businesses like Agape Villages Documentary.

With a widely varied skillset, Cameron has garnered the attention of both local and national brands across all media outlet needs, from corporate video to commercial, film, and music.  He is available for freelance, contract, and full-time work.