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Unlock The Secrets of the EDM Majors

I’ll be hosting a webinar program on Saturday to share some of the most profound tips being used by top folks in the industry today. Let me show you what’s possible when you learn how to apply these fundamental aspects and take your music career into overdrive!

Joining The Mastering Gauntlet

The Mastering Gauntlet is a brand new, radical approach to an age old industry practice. Two mastering engineers will be going head-to-head, competing for the most winning approvals of their masters during the month of August. The artists get FREE mastering, and a chance at winning some amazing production prizes to elevate their sounds and workflow to the next level. The losing engineer donates $250 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The importance of mentorship

I was invited to be a guest speaker on a brand new podcast launched for Electronic producers & musicians to grow their brand and business. On this episode I discuss the importance of mentorship, looking for mentors, and how to approach.

Why Mastering is so Important

Fresh off the heels of January 2019, Winter NAMM was an amazing experience this year with lots on the horizon.  While there are still F.U.D. articles floating around social media and the web asking whether the music industry is dying, this year’s NAMM convention...

The listening party experience unfolded.

Discover the stories behind the latest listening party at The Press Recording Studio in Stockton, CA. and find out why attending listening parties can be to your benefit! Don’t miss out on future events, read more and sign up to receive news about future events!

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