This smashes the old narrative of “you need a record deal to be successful.” 

We all know it takes millions of streams to make a decent income from music, but what most producers don’t hear about is the new music industry. 

The new music industry is a place where producers are creating their own economy. This is an industry that smashes the old narrative of “you need a record deal to be successful.” 

For example, if you sold a license at $500 for an artist to use your beats in his or her song, it would only take 2 sales to generate $1,000, and it would only take 200 sales to make $100,000!

So if your wheels are TURNING right now and you want to learn how to profit from your music the EASY way, without having to suffer through months or even years of trial and error, don’t worry, we got you!  

In this episode, guest host and founder of the Music Producers Alliance Adam Reifsteck shares the 3 keys to attracting artists who will pay premium prices for your beats so that you can turn your skills as a music producer into a profitable business.

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Intro Song:  Something’s In the Water by Robert Bliss

Outro song: Instant Insurrection by Without a Chord

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