Anyone with an internet connection can start a business

How many advertisements have you seen that try to sell you a secret formula that will bring you fame and fortune? “Just do this one thing, and you’ll blow up on social media and make tons of money.” The truth is that while anyone with an internet connection can start a business with their passion, just because you work hard and have talent doesn’t mean you are guaranteed success.

“My music isn’t getting me anywhere!” is music producers’ most frequent statement today on social media. But the difference between those who make it and those who don’t all boils down to whether or not you have the basic tenets of building a business–mindset (vision), quality product (music), message (brand story), and a plan for customer acquisition and retention (audience engagement).

Adam Reifsteck, the founder of the Music Producers Alliance, opens up about his journey and the many twists and turns that have formed his multi-faceted career. From composer to recording engineer to label owner and music business coach, we discuss the reality that success is not a straight line.

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Intro Song: Fragmented Fractals – Adam Reifsteck
Outro song: Aurora (Original Mix) – Sonic Fear

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