Why is it that so many of us don’t write down our goals? 

This one single habit can change the trajectory of our lives.  But, for it to work, we also have to ask ourselves more intelligent questions to put our brains to work solving the problems we want it to crack.  I dare you to take even just an hour to tackle these 11 intelligent questions to realize your dreams and see what you uncover. 

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How it works.

While the Yale and Harvard studies may have been debunked, there are countless podcasts from mega-successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and businessmen that attest to the power of writing down your goals.  They all call it by different names, and have the research to back it up.

Ed Mylett refers to it as the Reticular Activating system.  This is a section of our brain that acts as the filter between the conscious and subconscious.  It’s the reason we only notice things that become important to us.  If you’ve recently purchased a car, you may have experienced this phenomenon where you notice that car is much more popular when you start driving around, and even notice your neighbors may have the same model parked in their driveway.  If it feels like you hadn’t seen the car that much before, it’s because of your Reticular Activating System filtering out the unimportant information from your conscious brain.  It’s not that the car wasn’t popular until you bought it, but simply that it wasn’t important to you to notice all of those black Mustangs on the road until you had to make a purchase.

We can hack our “lizard brains”, and get it to go to work on achieving our dreams, if we start giving it specific problems to solve.  Doing this exercise is a way of training our brain to go to work on the daily solving these questions.


The Door is open, the keys are in your hands.

When I discovered these questions, I had quite an epiphany.  It’s been several times now that I’ve revisited this exercise, and whether or not it’s the act of committing it to paper, or simply getting my brain to focus on these questions, it’s allowed me to evolve, take steps to grow, and catch myself in a way that provides the opportunity to change direction where I need to in order to continue reaching for my dreams.

Scott Mautz

business-inspirational speaker

The original article was written by Scott Mautz, and published on Inc on December 17th, 2019.

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