Losing sight of your passions…

Do you get frustrated by having to start a new project? Are you discouraged every time you stare at a blank session? Do the thoughts of working on your audience or marketing yourself turn you off? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve experienced firsthand just how your mental and emotional states can throw you completely off the path to achieving your goals.

This episode identifies how and why this happens, and offers several strategies that are surefire ways to overcome these self-sabotaging mechanisms.

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Original Discoveries

back in 2019, I wrote a blog article when I was just launching the Pollux & Castor profile with my partner, Steven.  We had built a friendship over music production for nearly 10 years prior and had not made any progress with turning our music into a business.

This failure was just one of many for me, including a long line of re-inventing my audio and music skills in various forms of business endeavors.  I was facing burnout, and burnout had lead to moderate depression.  I had to force myself to step away, take time for introspection, and that self-awareness awoke something in me that led to pursuing the knowledge of leadership, personal development, and a growth mindset.

From mid-2018 on, I had become obsessed with this quest for overcoming my own limiting beliefs.  In the pursuit of knowledge, I had learned several things, and experienced an epiphany in the process.  It ultimately informed the article I wrote in 2019 for Pollux & Castor, Attitude is everything.

How will you overcome burnout?

Instead of regurgitating everything I’ve already published on that blog here, I’d like to open up a conversation with all of you.  If you have faced, or are currently facing burnout, what are you doing to overcome it?  What mental barriers are you working to overcome? Burnout doesn’t affect everyone the same way because our circumstances are all unique, and our lifegoals differ.  Share both the struggle and the result in the comments section below.

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