COVID Killed the Touring Star?

Hardly!  Just look around: traffic is back, shortages are hitting supply chains in nearly every industry around the globe, which is causing prices to go up, up, and away.  I cannot tell you just how packed southern California beaches have been lately, even in poor weather. 

If this podcast could only teach one thing, this episode will shout in your face “don’t sleep on your dreams, take action immediately!”  Newly formed Sway Productions is living proof that you can build a successful business that doesn’t have to take years or decades before you can see a return. 

In this episode, Connor Blake & Anthony Siravo share their business model, and they spare no details of what operating an event production company coming online post-pandemic is like.

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By the numbers.

There are so many great nuggets of wisdom in this episode that Connor and Anthony share, but I want to drive home this single fact: they launched this production company within a couple months after its inception.  Connor’s biggest attribute is the immediate, massive action that he took.  He didn’t wait until he had all of the pieces of the puzzle completed in front of him, he figured out what he needed to along the way.

The figures for the first ever official event booked by Sway are impressive especially given the size of the venue.  I’ve heard so many F.U.D. (fear, uncertainty, doubt) stories and come across countless articles – even from reputable brands in the industry, that have painted live as a very difficult business to break into, and that save for the top 5-10%, no one is making any “real” money.

Keys to the live-performance kingdom.

This interview was a mind-blowing one for me.  I have very little experience with the live industry, but Connor and Tony painted some crystal clear images of what a great mindset for running an even production company looks like.

Here are some key take-aways for getting into the headspace of entering the live-performance realm:

  • Everyone has to start somewhere.  They built up their connections by networking with artists and promoters at the shows they attended.  Put yourself out there.
  • Be humble, have a great attitude and people will want to work with you.
  • Having a victim mentality will hold you back.  Every challenge is an opportunity to grow, so finding reasons to complain or not want to work with others will only spread a negative reputation for you.
  • Understand agreements before you sign anything!  Get clear on what expectations are on each side of a contract,

It takes two to tango.

“Pay-to-Play”, playing for exposure (unpaid), and other toxic models abuse the relationship with the artist.  Connor said it best, the artist is the one bringing the audience.

This is why the victim mentality is a poor mindset to have, and Connor explains why the most leverage exists in the artist’s hands.

“The artist is the one that brings the audience, not the venue.”
-Connor Blake

It’s the wisdom and experiences like what Connor and Tony shared that are the driving forces behind why I started this podcast.  The podcast is also my opportunity to help more people than I can reach in my 1-on-1 mentorship. 

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