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This episode, I’m taking the gloves off.  This is a no-holds-barred conversation about the hidden truths that businesses use to keep the music industry subservient to their control.  I invited a colleague and fellow performance coach from the Music Producers Alliance to join me in the discussion, as Ric has been around the block a few decades himself.

Listen to the episode.

You’re not ready for this truth…

If you listened to the episode, you may agree with my perspective, and you may not.

The question is, what are you doing about it?  Are you in control of your music business?  Or, is your business controlling you?

As humans, our base instincts haven’t evolved as fast as everything else in society.  We’re still hard-wired to trust.  How much of your daily decisions are based on impulse, or methodical research?

Supply Chain Attack.

Here is an interesting exercise. I encourage you to build a visual map of every link in your business.  Anything that is external to you, your process of making music, or how you deliver it, is part of a supply chain in that stage.

It might look something like this:

How many 3rd parties can you list in each stage that provide something you rely on to produce what you make?  Take a good look at how big that list is.  Ric might be on to some kernel of truth, when it comes to analyzing where the industry has gone from the perspective of a D.J. producer.  The number of middle-men have increased, but for good reason, the demand has never been higher for the needs of those services they provide.

What will make the difference between you and all of the amateurs out there is the level of commitment, tenacity, and resourcefulness you put into your business.  The business that survives is the winner.  Take a good look at that list you made and ask yourself one serious question: do all of those really make a difference in your end product?  Are those sound investments that are actually providing a return cashflow back in to your business?

It all starts with asking yourself smarter questions.  If you don’t know where to begin, that’s okay.  There are coaches like Ric and myself on the Music Producers Alliance platform that can help uncover your blind spots. 


The truth is sales do exist, you’re probably just not aware of where and how to generate them.  Throughout the podcast episode, Ric and I mentioned several resources building your audience.

Some of these resources may have a very narrow use-case, so take due-care and investigate what will make the most sense for the kind of music business you’re trying to build.  Think about where in the supply chain these land, and you’ll gain greater clarity in the execution of your business.

All of these resources have direct-connections to potential revenue generation (aside from EposVox, which is more of an educational resource for current events and news in streaming and tech).


How am I doing?

I started this podcast to help more people than I can reach in my 1-on-1 mentorship.  However, doing podcasts are very different from mentoring and coaching.  If you find this podcast helpful, or have suggestions for improvement, let me know by emailing podcast@modernproducersecrets.com

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Ric is a leading technical instructor in I.T. for major companies, a storied music producer by trade, and a performance coach at the Music Producers Alliance.

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