We are already three episodes into Modern Producer Secrets!  This latest episode is a tactical, interactive follow-up to Episode two’s pep-talk on cash flow and getting control of your money.

I launched the podcast to help more people than I can in my 1-on-1 coaching sessions by sharing topics and uncovering answers to burning questions that I had long sought and contemplated on my own; things that just don’t get openly discussed by the industry or any educational system.

    What’s stopping you from committing to your dream?

    A dream without a goal is just a fantasy.  This episode is all about taking baby steps toward the two key things you need to make your dream a reality: planning, and action.  Taking action without a plan can and does often lead to wasted time & resources, and planning without execution is an exercise in mental masturbation.

    Whether your goal is to establish yourself as an iconic brand, an artist reaching for the stars, or a commercial tour-de-force as a producer, if you’re stuck or on the fence about committing fully to making a career out of your passion, these questions are designed for finality and concreteness.  At the very least, you will come to a conclusion.

    These questions come from many business growth and personal development books, and years of my own personal experience in doing it all in the worst ways!  Learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to suffer the same things I endured.

    Download the Activity sheet here.

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    Produced and hosted by Cameron Bashaw

    Intro Song: Under The Sun (Instrumental) – Pollux & Castor

    Outro song: Soap – Pollux & Castor

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