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I interviewed the CEO and Vice President, James Rhodes, and found some exciting things.  We talk about personal development and what led him to the position as CEO of a label. His tale and the tale of FiXt is a crazy ride that started before the streaming era when CDs were still relevant, and MP3s were beginning to dominate. James shares how FiXT established its own digital presence from the ground up.  Lastly, we get tactical and discuss what a label like FiXT is looking for and what the music industry needs to overcome to continue growing.

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Produced and hosted by Cameron Bashaw

James’ Resource drops:

  • Business Made Simple – Enneagram resource platform
  • Pretzel Rocks – the Stream-safe music platform for live-streamers.
  • Merlin Network – The independent’s digital Music licensing partner
  • FUGA – Industry-leading music distribution technology platform.
  • A2IM – a not-for-profit trade organization

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