Teknofonic Mentoring Partnership!

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 has been an amazing sponsor behind The Mastering Gauntlet platform I co-developed and launched with Christian Caicedo at Envious Audio.  From offering up a 1-year subscription to their Teknofonic Pro platform and being willing to match our donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Adam Reifsteck has gone the extra mile to really help make the challenge something special for us and for all the artists and producers we have reached.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce this Teknofonic Mentoring partnership!  During this entire month of October, I’ll be mentoring and coaching artists and producers who want to learn how to set themselves up for a career in music and audio by learning the most fundamental aspects of being their own boss, through the Teknofonic Mentorship program.

I have already been mentoring many of the artists that I’ve done mastering for, and helped them achieve specific goals within reasonable timeframes. It’s not that they weren’t capable of reaching their goals without mentoring and coaching, but I’ve saved them valuable time in trying to figure things out for themselves and possibly even over-investing in the wrong avenues and approaches that might cost them a lot of money upfront only to fall short on delivery.

Lucas is one such artist who’s been quietly producing for years but has never released anything!  We connected in the Producer Dojo facebook group and he mentioned he discovered me through one of my comments that spurred him to reach out about a free mastering preview.  From the very first track he sent me, I was floored with the quality.  I don’t just mean the production value, his music genuinely moved me, put a smile on my face and made me want to get in the groove.  I knew right then and there, that he was onto something special and his music deserved to be heard by the world.

Whether it’s the fear of failure, the fear of judgment, or just plain not knowing what to do or where to go; the right mentor will help you find your roadblocks faster, and show you the techniques and skills that can overcome those hurdles. 

I’m really excited to share this publicly as we’ve entered the final preparation stages for his debut artist launch!  I couldn’t be more thrilled to see this milestone reached!  Here’s to you Lucas.  Cool Story Bro!

Join The Teknofonic Revolution

A few months back, I was a guest on Christian’s podcast – Electronic Dance Money, discussing the importance of mentorship.  I can speak from experience just why mentorship is so critical to growth and success in anything.  In the podcast, we discussed not just why, but how to find great mentors and communicate effectively with them.

Teknofonic has grown from a label that has over 100 artists to a career development platform and a full-fledged community.  If you’re on Facebook, join us in the Electronic Musicians Group, where Adam and I will be offering free feedback live streams on Wednesdays (unless otherwise posted).  Join us in the Facebook group to get further details on what time the live streams will be happening, and how you can participate.

Are you ready to make your dreams a reality?

Teknofonic has a number of mentors with valuable industry experience that can help steer you in the best direction:

Adam Reifsteck  – Areas of expertise: music business, marketing and branding, mixing & mastering, songwriting

Mary Alouette [Alarke] – Areas of expertise: songwriting, voice, music theory, live performance with Ableton, marketing, grant writing

Tim Segewitz [Gnowly] – Areas of expertise: sound design, mixing, mastering, songwriting

Cameron Bashaw – Areas of expertise: mastering, music business, marketing