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Glam Rock band Faith And Bullets latest single – Letting Go gets a unique visual treatment. 

Who is Faith And Bullets?

Back in 2015, we worked with this local band to help them release their debut EP.  After some bandmate struggles that caused the band to go dormant for a while, they’re back and stronger than ever.  The latest line-up keeps the core of the band alive with lead singer Stevie Mayhem (Stephen Gehman) and lead guitarist Rikki Bullets (Richard Alexander), with the latest additions bringing some serious rock power.  The return of Colton Seaver (Set To Kill, Leather Duchess) to the group as the bassist and the addition of rhythm guitarist Daniel Atalig providing a fresh approach to the band’s sonic landscape are setting the stage for an awesome 2018 for the band and for the Glam Rock scene!  If you’re ready for Rock to return to the mainstream, these guys are one group to keep an eye on.

Their song is currently available for free directly on their website: https://faithandbullets.com/

An Endearing Touch

Special thanks are in order.  For videography services, we reached out to Endearing Films to help with greenscreen and practical-fx footage that was filmed specifically for this video.  They’re based out of Modesto, CA, and work primarily on commercial and wedding videography. 

We will be announcing some special stock assets launching soon featuring content produced from this video.  If you’re interested in how we built this video, drop a line in the comments and let us know what you’d like to see!

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