Client: All Pro Tae Kwon Do
Completed: 2012/04/28
Host & Coordinator: Andrew Fanelli

Cameron Bashaw: Multimedia presentation, graphic design, video editing, live presentation management.

Andrew Fanelli of All Pro Tae Kwon Do hosted the first annual All Star Extravaganza for martial arts demonstrations and exams held in Los Gatos California. A once in a lifetime event featuring almost 30 special guests and celebrities from the world of martial arts films including several from the Legendary Bruce Lee films. Neologic studios was given a great opportunity to work behind the scenes building the visual presentation for much of the ceremony and deliver visual impact for the celebrities as they are called out to the stage.

Special Guests & Honorees:

  1. Bill Cambra
  2. Dave Friedman
  3. Grandmaster Allen Joe
  4. Grandmaster Donnie Williams
  5. Master Janis Taberna
  6. Pavel Nyziak
  7. Grandmaster Robin Taberna
  8. Master Tony De Leon
  9. Grandmaster Eric Lee
  10. Master Alfredo Torella
  11. Grandmaster Ron “The Black Dragon” Van Clief
  12. Master John Chung
  13. Grandmaster Leo Fong
  14. Grandmaster Mark Gerry
  15. Master Sonny Sison
  16. Grandmaster Cynthia “The Lady Dragon” Rothrock
  17. Master Art Camacho
  18. Grandmaster Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
  19. Master Harry Mok
  20. Martin Kove
  21. James Hong
  22. Grandmaster Bob Wall
  23. Grandmaster Jim Kelly
  24. John Saxon
  25. Grandmaster Bolo Yeung

Sponsors: Moda Italia

Projection: Avista
Live Sound: DJ Curt Productions

In Depth Look

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