Boderline SoundtrackSpecial Project: RPM Challenge 2011
Completed: 2011/03/01
Part of RPM Community

Cameron Bashaw: Executive Producer, Composition, project management, photography, instrumentation, engineer, audio mix, audio editing, audio master, guitar tech
Troy Reed: Producer, composition, instrumentation, engineer, audio mix, audio editing, drum tech, guitar tech


By: Troy Reed, Cameron Bashaw
Accompanying artists: Joshua Elness, Chris McClure, Steven HastingsDOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM FREEDirect download: click here
Mirror site: Mediafire
01. They Say
02. A Bountiful Request
03. Fight!
04. Oh No, I’m Fine
05. Get Up
06. Carried Away
07. Reality Check
08. The Only Way Now
09. Curing The Cure
10. Check It
11. Easy Does It
12. Danger’s My Name
13. Dead Man Walkin’
14. Before Dawn
15. Goodbye
16. Prey


The RPM Challenge is a special music community that challenges artists and musicians to create. This is The Challenge – Record an album in 28 days, just because you can. That’s 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material recorded during the month of February. The Borderline Soundtrack is not only our official entry into the contest, but also our flagship product to showcase we have the work ethic and skill to accomplish tall orders. We went well above and beyond the bare minimum for an album, totaling over 44 minutes of audio. Not only is there music, there’s sound clips from the “movie” the soundtrack is meant to be based on.

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