Surely you've come across the term "Stay Hungry" at least once in your life.  You may have heard some explain what it means to them.  For the most part, people tend to get out of it what they will - stay motivated.  When it comes to the modern production world - whether it's any creative endeavor or seeking to be an expert in your craft; this mantra can be a great reminder to oneself. 

 Whether you're a musician, producer, or composer or songwriter, there's a process that we all share in common whether a prominent social icon or an aspiring up-and-comer.  The biggest thing that separates the mega-successful people from those that struggle to gain that kind of success can be numerous - but for the most part they figured out their own formula to allow them to tap into their process at will and maximize their time.  Each and every one of us will have a unique approach we develop to our craft that can't easily be replicated - even despite living in a culture that thrives off of emulation and imitation.

 So just what does it mean to "stay hungry"?  I've heard a few different takes on it, so here's my honest opinion. We all may have different reasons for what we're after.  Whether I'm pursuing the craft of mixing or songwriting because I want to be well known for it, or because I want to be better than the great names in those arenas I idolize; whether the goal is achieved or not, it requires dedication and commitment.

To stay hungry for your vision (no matter what stage you may perceive to be in) to me really means to not get bored.  Don't lose hope, don't lose sight.  Keep your eyes on the prize and keep yourself motivated.   The journey you go through will yield many lessons, and some are bound to be less pleasant than others.  Take stock of each and every lesson and blessing that comes along and remind yourself of why you chose this path.

If you've achieved your goal you set out to do, what then?  Perhaps you're not dreaming big enough!  If you stall out or keep running into plateaus trying to achieve a goal and it starts to seem unattainable, you're probably not trying hard enough, or not pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.  I personally can attest to this as I tend to run into these plateaus in cycles.  From the chats I've had with colleagues and people in all kinds of art and media jobs in these industries it actually seems fairly common. 

We all tend to go through cycles.  How do you break the cycle? Keep yourself motivated and focused on what it is you want.  Find reasons to want it more than breathing.  Sometimes it just takes a friendly moment to reflect and a self-reminder: stay hungry!

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