Hello again!  What a busy summer this is turning out to be.  I normally try to post up regular articles sharing my experiences and wisdom with the community, but I've been so busy that last week there just was not enough time to expand on any thoughtful points to be made.  So, this week I'd like to take some time to share a bit more about my journey, and some of the new life lessons I've been learning along the way.

Last week I had the privilege of traveling with some music colleagues up north to sit in on their studio session for their band at Pus Cavern. Josh Elness (drummer) laid down six songs, and it was a pleasure to be a part of the process and get to hear some of the material for Hoods, signed to Artery. Talk about talent and dedication: he had all the songs memorized and could perform them all without a metronome or instruments to help him keep his place!

The SoundBlaster R series commercial campaign finally published recently, and with it came a few requests of the client on the production company.  The director reached out to me to collaborate more to deliver on those requests.  I'm always happy to be a part of something especially when the teamwork of those that are driven and passionate make the experience fun and enjoyable. Working with Backyard Studios and Nick Erickson is always a pleasure!

  • Lindsey practicing lines for the R Series how-to videos.
  • Lindsey demonstrating the SoundBlaster R3 software.
  • Nick (right) directing Lindsey.
  • Always a pleasure working with these guys!

Between this project and project managing the final push of the Agape Villages documentary I’m producing with a local crew from the Modesto and Tracy area, much of my time has been wrapped up in production jobs. I occasionally volunteer my time to help out with live sound at a local church get some practice and stay sharp on limited gear; as well as Legend Music merchant shop and music instruction helping out with their project band practices.

  • Rafa editing the Agape Villages rough cut.
  • Isiah and Ashley in the mix-booth.
  • FOH mixer for FCC & Awakening 209.
  • FOH mixer for FCC & Awakening 209.

Finally, in the rare free time I do have, I’ve been spending in updating mixes from the short film score I produced last year which is headed out of the festival circuit now, hanging out and demoing music with colleagues, and taking small excursions to my local starbucks to decompress and write more of my novel.

  • The Demoing sessions had lots of guitar goodness.
  • Demo tracking with the combo cab.
  • Steven (ginger) and Josh (drums) jamming out and spitting crazy verses on a collab.
  • Zach (guitar) and Josh (drums) demoing new tunes they wrote.
  • Roundhouse score final mixing & processing.
  • Roundhouse Score final mixing.
  • Writing from my netbook on a rare day off.

There’s been a lot of recent news boiling up in the last month regarding politics, media, and internet. If you haven’t heard by now, the whole thing with the FCC and the internet debacle may have mulled over in the public interests, but since has been replaced by heated concern with the recent move of Indie labels and artists not signing up to the new Youtube program getting blocked  as reported by The Guardian.

This has gone on to affect much more than just youtube channels that feature music artists. There’s no telling yet just how deep a gouge this have on the music industry as a whole if – as claimed in the article, about a third of the music industry will not agree to the Youtube service terms and therefore unable to publish their content on it. You can imagine how many ripples this could cause all around the music industry beyond just the musicians and artists. There simply is not enough information yet as to how these negotiations and terms will affect artists, let alone if the service will actually be a boon for youtube and music-lovers or not.

Yet another article surfaced on Emeraz with a leaked contract link.

Just the other day, VFX Solidarity shared an article from Deadline about new Canadian laws restricting work permits for US based workers to work in Canada on productions. The article states that its primary intent is to force employers to give 15 days’ notice before applying for permits to hire foreign workers. A ploy largely aimed at the fast food, and oil-pipeline industries which may affect film, game, and tv productions as well.

It’s an interesting development that cumulatively, might spell a lot of trouble for videogame, film, and television companies coming up. Just a week ago, VFX Solidarity had shared another article published by VFX Soldier in which Canadian officials were scrutinizing Subsidies for the production industries and whether or not to make cuts by as much as $500 million (though it isn’t reported how that is being divided).

I could go on sharing an endless parade of articles discussing the economics and industry news that’s hitting across the media board right now. The question to ask is, what can be done, and how can we as individuals get involved more with saving the things we are passionate about doing? I won’t pretend to have an all-encompassing answer for everything, but I know it first takes being an informed citizen.

VFX Solidarity is one group I follow for solid news in the media and production industries. Find and follow great sources of insider or industry news and stay current. Join social groups on facebook and start discussions about these topics, the more people that are willing to work together and find solutions the sooner we may start solving little problems which can lead up to tackling a big one!

If you’re in the music and audio production industries, join me in

Or, find a group you want to be a part of, and join the discussion. Meetup.com is another great way to find local events in your area to participate in, or start your own!  And lastly, but certainly not least – know who your political representatives are, and what special interest groups you can join or sign petitions to help fight these battles.

As I’m posting this I haven’t run into any yet for the youtube music program, but please feel free to share in the comments below any and all links to petitions, or interest groups taking action.

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