June has arrived, we've completed another commercial with SoundBlaster for a new product they're launching.  I had a great time being involved in both the production and post production, and getting to work with Lindsey Pavao!

  In May, we introduced our trial launch of online mixing and mastering services.  It was a success, so we're making the services a permanent offer of our line-up.  Thanks to all that inquired and ended up going with us for mixing and mastering needs! Our promotional pricing period was concluded on May 31st, but our online mixing and mastering services are still competitively priced and excellent deals for handling all of your music needs!  We will have new promotions and services coming around again so keep an eye out! 

  Troy and I pretty stoked to use one of the newest microphones that Troy has added to the mic locker, an AEA R84!  We're planning a couple of larger tracking sessions coming up very soon, and that means combining the arsenal we've got at our disposal.

We've got a decent line-up of preamps and recording interfaces to manage all of our recording options.  Universal Audio is perhaps our favorite preamp manufacturer.

Along with the U.A. we like having some variety, and the SuPre sounds pretty good with the right mic pairs.  Troy is even working on loading up his lunchbox with some tonal options, API EQ and saturation for color.

We both use RME Fireface 800's as our primary interface, and even I'm sporting some Universal Audio goodness.  I love the quality and the sonic options the 4-710D has to offer especially for sound design sessions where I want matching preamps.

  Beyond that, you can get a glimpse of the backline offering in the lower half of my rack setup, G-Major 2 and Line6 Bass Pod XT Pro both offer quite a bit of rack mount effects options for pre-production, tracking, and handling the various setup scenarios for guitarists and bassists.  The JD7 allows for quite a bit of versatility as well, being able to feed DI signal to the daw, and simultaneously feed up to 7 other amps or outboard gear if necessary.

  Don't let the lack of more photos fool you, we've got a decent backline too.  Perhaps we'll share soon, especially as we're putting it to use in the upcoming studio sessions!

  We like to gush sometimes, the toys are pretty fun.  In all seriousness we do know it's not about the gear but the engineering and how the gear is used that makes the difference.  We're just excited to be putting the gear to use!

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