It's April 15th, otherwise known as TAX DAY!  Are you looking forward to your tax return? We know of a few who are not only excited to get their tax return, but are also set on using some of that cash to invest in finishing their songs!  We're excited for them, and that's because we're almost done gearing up for our Online Services trial run!

 Here's a glimpse how it will work:

  1. If you'd like to book one or multiple services, click on Book now in either one to begin your free consultation.
  2. We'll arrange for either a Skype or google chat hangout session to hear the track and discuss in private. 
  3. If you're happy with the direction of the consultation, and want to pull the trigger, we move forward with payment and file transfer options.

Online Mixing Special

Single Track Mixing:

  • Includes basic (minimal) editorial
  • under 30 channels (mono or stereo stems)
  • Can work with Stem mixes
  • Deep editorial / "comping" optional (additional charges apply)
  • Includes 1 revision/review

Online Mastering Special

Single track mastering:

  • Stereo master
  • Digital Master deliverables available in .Wav (Redbook CD Audio ready), highest quality MP3
  • Metadata entry included (client must provide ISRC & copyright information, and artwork if available).
  • Includes 1 revision/review.

The trial run of these online services starts May 1st.  We will have a dedicated page in our services section available for more in-depth review by then.

If you're in need of putting polish to your project and want it to be the best quality it can be to compete in the marketplace, there's no better time than now!  The trial period ends May 31st!  That means we've only got 1 month worth of slots available. 

The biggest part of this - and that we would most appreciate, is getting critical feedback from you!  What do you think of our services, pricing, or presentation? We would love to know your opinion so we can better serve the community. 

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