This year has been proving to be quite busy, and leaning very heavily toward video production!  I've just finished a quick interview shoot with some talented colleagues.  Coming from a music and sound production background it's great to have reliable and amazing people to work with.  In any media industry it's not how talented you are as an individual but how well you can collaborate effectively in a team that really makes projects worthwhile. 

Finding reliable people to network with who are enthusiastic and fun to be around is always a blessing, so I'm very thankful to have a growing network of professionals at my back willing to help each other out! 

Spencer Selover, Christian Cavalho, and Jordi Camps provided their expertise and assistance as part of this collaborative production effort to build a documentary for Agape Villages - a local non-profit foster family agency. 

Since we're on the topic of video production,  now seems like a great opportunity to mention Rode's huge contest! 

Rode is hosting an international short film competition.  With more than $70,000 in prizes up for grabs there‚Äôs no excuse not to get out and start shooting! 

The judges are all pioneers in the media industry with varying roots from indie to commercial.  They have more than just survived, they have carved out equally respectful niches for themselves.  Phillip Bloom, Devin Graham, Ryan Connolly fill up the judging roster for short film prize judges; Ric Viers specializing in Sound Design judging; Olivia Speranza & Clinton Harn as Behind The Scenes judges; & John Merchant as Soundtrack judge. 

Head over to the contest site HERE now and learn more! 

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