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Remote Training on-demand.

Want remote assistance with your music or audio project?  Are you working in Cakewalk/Sonar, Pro Tools, or Ableton Live?  Let’s get in touch and together we can get your project pushed to the finish line!

Remote trianing F.A.Q.

Remote Training sessions are conducted with Teamviewer.
What software does the remote training use?
We utilize Teamviewer  to remotely connect to your computer.  We also prefer to use Discord as a our primary voice communication method.  Both are available for free to the public.
How does Teamviewer work?
With Teamviewer installed on the computer you want help on, Teamviewer creates a unique ID and password for accessing remotely.  Once you’ve provided the access credentials, we can connect to your computer and see what you see, hear what you hear, and even assist by moving the mouse cursor.  Don’t worry, you still have priority access and anything you do will interrupt our remote driving capabilities.
How does Discord work?
Discord can be accessed through their web app portal, linked here.  It is also available as a windows program, and on the Google play app store for Android.  For simplicity, we recommend using the Discord app on your mobile device to communicate, and this will let Teamviewer and your production software to run more fluidly without communication issues.
What software are you familiar with?
I have a decade plus experience with multiple daws, including Cakewalk/Sonar, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live.

  • I can assist with workflow, troubleshooting routing and signal issues, and even plugins such as VST and AAX synths & fx, and even rewire configuration.
  • I’m familiar with all forms of EQ and filtering, compression & dynamics processing, reverbs, delays and spatial processors, as well as creative effects; so if you need help learning a particular plugin, I can assist you with practically any plugin available on the market today.
Troubleshooting? Training? What's the difference?
If you are having issues with your DAW software or plugins used on a particular project, I can help in troubleshooting and pin-pointing the problem.  If you want help in learning basic, intermediate, or advanced production tips, techniques, and workflows to quickly enhance your skills, I can train you on any of the following:

  • Editing, mixing, mastering processing
  • EQ, compression & dynamics, delays, reverbs & spatial, and other creative effects fundamentals, techniques, and tricks
  • Production workflows, templating, organization, and project optimization