Ultimate Construction Kits

Each pack comes with OMF & Cakewalk bundles, pre-mixed renders, and raw samples of every mic position for ultimate sound design flexibility.

For Designers, By Designers

Clean recordings with no baked in compression or EQ allow for extremely flexible mixing and sound sculpting.  Deep flexibility for standalone or layering use.

Bonus Presets

Included presets provide a great jumping off point for clean, crisp mixed sounds.

Lock & Load

11 replica firearms recorded in detail.  Multiple variations of every action.  The perfect layering companions for any firearm library.

The Neologic Approach

Capturing The Sound

I have wished for so long that libraries would be more open with their design approach.  Great sounding libraries by amazing sound designers are aplenty, but they are already “baked”, and often not transparent about their building process.  Pre-mixed sounds are great starting points but often the dilemma comes up where sounds are either too overproduced or designed in a direction that doesn’t match the way a particular production wants to go.

Imagine a library that gives you a great starting point for reference, but also allows you access to the raw material.  Imagine a developer that is willing to share their approach to their recording so if you need to, you can reconstruct it if you wish to.

My philosophy behind these sample libraries is about capturing the essential sounds and providing access to the sound in a fashion that no other libraries have.  There are so many great libraries available featuring all of the most sought-after or widely used weapons in video games and film that all provide ready-sculpted, already-designed live fire and basic weapon handling.  Yet these high quality libraries were lacking in some areas that I found myself constantly wishing I would have been able to access.  My goal was to provide an essential “view” of the weapons being handled and try to expose every facet of purely mechanical sounds that operating the firearms might yield.  To be able to go from pre-mixed samples to completely re-design or augment other libraries.

About the Recording Signal Chain

All sounds were captured in a dry room with 5 microphones in uniform positions, including AKG C414, Rode NTG3, MXL 990 and MXL 991, Audio Technica AT3035,  Royer R-121 Ribbon microphones; running through a Universal Audio 4-710D without the compression sections enabled, in the most favorable blends of solid-state and tube to match the microphone it was paired with.  The unit’s Limiter function was enabled as a protection from overloads at the preamp, and then run through an RME Audio Fireface 800 at 96khz, 24-bit end-to-end workflow into Sonar where processing was applied in post to the pre-mixed renders.

What's included
  • Pre-mixed, mono renders of every sample, organized and labeled..
  • Construction kits, organized and labeled with each individual microphone..
  • OMF bundle of each firearm’s entire “session”.
  • Cakewalk Bundle for Sonar users, with the mixing signal chain applied.
  • Preset files & screenshots of each mix setting.
  • Documentation and product art.

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