The RPM Challenge Studio Project

About the Soundtrack

So, can’t seem to find a movie this belongs to? That’s okay, we made it up. Here’s some help so that everyone can understand just what this album is really about.

The original idea was to create a soundtrack to your average Blockbuster apocalyptic movie. imagine every zombie and virus movie out there where there’s some world-wide impending doom. There’s a ton of them out there. Pick your favorite one, have it yet? Good, now you can throw it out the window.

The story we imagined to base this album on isn’t just about the apocalyptic scenarios. The songs in theory are meant to boil down to simpler, more basic human concepts. This challenge inspired us in a pretty unique way. What we originally set out to do was write songs that fit the bill of your typical A-list soundtrack to an A-list film, and while we came up with some stories on the scenarios these would be based on; the music led down it’s own path.

Music is a window onto the world, and while stories (effective ones) seek to achieve creating a believable world to convey a message in, so to does music. More of the songs – while only instrumental, started out as concepts. Caricatures of themes, personas, and events in the film. Iconic sounds that we imagined would fit a certain scene in a certain way.


  1. They Say
  2. A Bountiful Request
  3. Fight!
  4. Oh No, I’m Fine
  5. Get Up
  6. Carried Away
  7. Reality Check
  8. The Only way Now
  9. Curing the Cure
  10. Check It
  11. Easy Does It
  12. Danger’s My Name
  13. Dead Man Walkin
  14. Before Dawn
  15. Goodbye
  16. Prey
Album Info


16 songs

44 minutes

Written & Composed by Troy Gutierrez & Cameron Bashaw
Lyrics for Curing The Cure by Steven Hastings

Performed by Troy Gutierrez & Cameron Bashaw
Additional performances by: Josh Elness, Chris McClure, Steven Hastings


Special Thanks


Cam would like to thank Troy for putting in hard work and collaborating on a crazy vision from start to finish, a wild ride that made a month pass by like a week, and proving the impossible is possible. To Steven for utterly insane inspiration with his lyrical prose, and a willingness to share ideas openly. To Chris & Josh for their mad drumming skills to track on short notice and nailing takes with such little time and no rehearsal!

Troy would like to thank his mom, your mom, my mom, and every mom out there listening to this “soundtrack right now”. You know, moms dig it.


Making of Borderline

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