Produced by: Cameron Bashaw
Co-Produced by: Nick Phillips
Completed: 2007-04-19
Distributor(s): Independent; Triple Scoop Music

“Spiritually Transcending. A ” Must Have ” for a New Influence; Composer, Nick Phillips, delivers a divine and virtuosic style of classical music while sending you on a magnificent epic.”

Cameron provided music production, editing, mixing, mastering; imaging – Photography, album art design, posters and marketing print.

01. Stigmata 2:40
02. March of St. Michaels 4:59
03. Prelude in E Minor 3:06
04. Aria of Despair 2:31
05. Harpsichord Sonata in C Minor 2:18
06. Crucifixus 2:14
07. The Struggle Out of Darkness 3:55
08. As the Seraphin Soar 3:06
09. Reveries of Love 2:35
10. The Passover 2:32
11. Piano Improv 1:40
12. Improv for Harpsichord in C Minor 2:01


The unique breed that is embodied In Nick Phillips keeps the roots of old style classical music. His style is an eclectic form of classical composition. Maestro’s Project, Nicks’ debut album, consists of pieces that portray the Revelations of Jesus Christ. His spirituality transcends through harmony in a mood that is epic adventure with a powerful sense of Glory. Nick Phillips hopes to influence musicians and music lovers with the essence of God.

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