Neo – 1. A combining form meaning “new,” “recent,” “revived,” “modified,” used in the formation of compound words.

Logic – 2.  a science that deals with the rules and processes used in sound thinking and reasoning

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Our Philosophy

Neologic is about forward-thinking, adaptation, and creative problem solving.  That applies to everything from how we operate and conduct ourselves to the end-solutions we provide our clients.  Everyone in our network has their unique approaches they bring to the table, but it’s our collective power that truly harnesses the strengths to overcome any obstacle, generate new avenues to build the business forward, and grow not just for our benefit, but for our clients as well.

We provide creative solutions for corporate & industrial video, film & music, graphic design & print.  We offer consulting, customized on-demand training and technical support services that relate or incorporate any of the above categories.

  • Music 75%
  • Video 55%
  • VFX 25%
  • Graphic Design 20%

Creative Network

Scalable, diverse, and responsive thanks to the tools of the Digital Age.  We can be anywhere and so can the client.

Forward Thinking

Creative Problem Solving is only the beginning.  The business world is in a state of constant flux.  We’re not just reacting, we’re constantly capitalizing on disruption trends that push industries forward.

Services & Products

We not only grow by our services we offer, but through opportunities to establish brand products that can also serve the needs of future clients and the industry as a whole.


With the diversity of our network affiliates, we can provide technical support, training, and consulting to find new ways to come up with solutions that fit any client, in any industry.