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Every day, there are children abandoned, alone and forced into child labor in the Philippines.  Send The Light is a beacon of hope giving these children hope a bright new future.

Behind The Website

The Awakening 209 ministry began to take ownership of the Send The Light Orphanage and Foundation at the end of 2016.  In order to bring the foundation into the 21st century, they knew they would need a website for their brand, and an easy, secure way to accept donations directly online.

We leverage the power of modern Content Management Systems to provide them a solution that was easy for anyone in their ministry to manage, but with the priority around security that modern web business demands require.

Client The Awakening 209

Published March 2017

Skills Branding, Web Design

Introducing Zero Daedalus

At the core of Send The Light Foundation’s website is an advanced, custom virtual private hosting solution tailored to the client’s web needs.  We’ve partnered with web security and programming firm Zero Daedalus to offer an extended range of creative solutions for all our clients, which now includes web hosting services that rival large competitors like GoDaddy, HostGator, and more.

The Awakening 209 ministry needed a system that can handle the kind of growth they expect, and support that large hosting services just cannot offer.  Zero Daedalus goes above and beyond hosting to provide a full web solution.

Complete Branding Solution

There are two sides to the website equation, the front-end, and the back-end.  The Awakening 209 needed the most cost-efficient solution to quickly deploy a site that looks and performs well, can scale easily, and requires minimal management.

We know what tools work best for the particular purpose a site is needed for.  Our end-to-end solutions can cover everything from hosting, domain registration, development, and even content management.  We can go beyond and connect you to powerful search engine optimization and email marketing tools and services so that your site and business can hit the ground running.

On-Demand Training

We provided custom, on-demand training, and technical support, making the transition to The Awakening 209’s own administration as seamless as possible.

Part of our custom solution included set time for on-demand training to get their administration acquainted with the tools we found and deployed.  On-demand training became on-demand tech support as we helped iron out the wrinkles in transitioning to The Awakening 209’s own administrative staff.

We do more than just leverage the powerful tools and services that make up the great WordPress plugin and theme ecosystem.  We can train and demonstrate these tools whenever necessary.  With remote desktop tools, we can do it from anywhere around the globe.

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